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Small Minor update.

2011-09-26 21:28:55 by smoothuser as started again. Oddly enough TODAY I had the urge to animate a little more of the fight between Gambit and Iori. Still far from done but at least the creative juices are flowing again. It is still wayyyyy too early to give you a timeline or completetion date, but you'll get somethin good outta me soon enough. It's been a busy week. Here's another screenshot. More soon enough.


Small Minor update.


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2011-09-28 15:40:46

lookin good.
only thing wrong with that pic is the line in the bg. perhaps if you flip the half on the right horizontally it will look better(not always)

smoothuser responds:

There is still a lot of editing to be done. It's far from perfect and come showtime I'll more than likely have changed many elements.


2011-10-04 08:50:41

the race is on then, Mr. Solo

smoothuser responds:

Lol...make it count!


2011-10-10 10:14:30


nice another flash creator that has updates :D

gonna watch it for sure just update us


(Updated ) smoothuser responds:

Haha thanks. I appreciate it. I don't know why a good flash author would not update his viewers. It just makes sense.


2011-12-05 23:28:44

how goes the progress man???