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Ladies, Gentlemen, and Fans...

2011-12-07 01:49:58 by smoothuser

Due to the demands of school and WORK, my video has taken a major sideline. I was hoping to release something this year, but my schedule pays me money. Newgrounds does not. Gotta weigh my options. Animation is a want, not a need to survive. As much as I want to sit down and finish this thing my time and schedule restrictions work against me. Make no mistake, it will be completed. It's just not a priority. Anyone with a job and a source of income will realize that. THIS is an unpaid hobby. I do appreciate you, my fans, but you gotta respect priorities. When it is finished, It will be worth the time you spent on keeping track of it. If it isn't, then I will accept your snotty comments without retailation....IF it is relevant to the error. As of now, i'm at a standstill. Go enjoy someone else's products until I release the one you really wanna see. I WILL make time, but i'm not going to get your hopes up by posting a faulty release date. I promise to do what I can when I can. Thanks for asking. MUCH MUCH MUCH appreciation to all of you.



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2011-12-08 15:07:38

dude i know how you feel, especially with finals coming up.
hope you can get something out soon and all that,
but i'll use whatever advantage i can take.
"make it count"


2011-12-12 18:19:10

yea man as much fun as animating can be ya gotta take care of whats important first. Its something every animator(that doesn't have a job animating) goes through.


2012-01-02 04:09:39

Go ahead and handle your school shit I'll be ready your next release.


2012-01-15 02:18:03

hopefully you don't think i am trying to be a prick.
i just consider you healthy competition.
i know you have got time and practice over me.
plus i have nothing to show right now so it may make me seem ignorant.
no hard feelings bro.
competition is a great way to better yourself. in my opinion.