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2012-03-17 00:12:14 by smoothuser

Hello folks. DAAAAMN...IT HAS BEEN A WHILE!! Ol newgrounds has gotten an update! VERY effin nice! I had trouble finding the post place. I'm loving the star rating system too. Anyway, small minor update. No, I haven't dropped off the earth as some of your favorite artists tend to do. I have been maaaaad busy with my recent job. In all honestly, I haven't been in the animating mood even in my spare time. I'm not the type of person to do things half assed, so i'd rather animate when i'm in the mood and REALLY put effort into it rather than throw things together just to appease the loyals. So, just bare with me. I'll get that creative spark again soon. I still got a few projects in the works. I just haven't touched them in a while. I'm not dead, i haven't given up, I just have been busy and haven't had the urge to dedicate the proper amount of time necessary to produce something worth watching. It's coming though. I will produce greatness once again. So keep holding your S's up. See you soon.



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