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2012-03-17 02:09:36 by smoothuser

It COULD be the COULD be the number of creative flashes i've watched so late in the day, but I feel its only fitting to leave it to my loyal fans to decide which flash to pick up first. Of the ones you've seen, which one should i continue on with first? Rest assured my top two will be produced eventually, but i'm looking for popular demand. Let me know and I won't disappoint. Majority rules.



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2012-03-20 02:56:33

From your biggest fan jump back into the action with MKU:4 i need to see a Scorpion and Jago rematch also i need to see Liu Kang and Kung Lao in action!


2012-03-20 21:12:26

either is fine with me, but i would like to see more future force.


2012-03-21 18:07:09

nice to see your still kickin.

anyways I am curious as to what will happen in the next future force but I can't ignore a rematch between jago and scorpion. MKU4 all the way.

Correct me if I'am wrong but I have this feeling that mku4 is the one you wanna animate the most right now anyway.


2012-04-02 07:25:09

At this rate, I would want to see more of MKU episode 4. But if you want to try to get KOF in there, go for it as well.

smoothuser responds:

In all honesty, and this is directed towards HeartlessKarma as well, I have more KOF done then i do MKU. I was about ready to print my KOF but I decided to add more to the fight. Should I change my mind, then it will be a rather short episode. Keep trying HeartlessKarma. Hope it lives up to your hype buddy.


2012-04-09 01:20:16 the way things are going, i guess MKU is underway.
which is fine by me.
1-3 (someone help me out here)
by the way a little off topic. aznpikachu, if you ever read this.
you want KOF you got KOF.


2012-04-17 01:31:25

are you talking about the Gambit/Iori fight?
and i am also hoping it lives up to the hype xP
we will see eh Mr. Solo?


2012-05-06 01:42:32

by the way.
my flash hits the portal tuesday.
so i'll finally look like i know what i am talking about, eh Mr. Solo?


2012-06-15 01:50:40



2012-06-25 05:34:18

Hit us up with an update.