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2013-05-19 11:07:00 by smoothuser

Small update. Thank you all for being so patient. Slow and steady the flash is coming along. I've been having to divide my time between many things. I can't say i've been animating every day, but the flash is coming along. The first one was soooo much easier. Again, I'm not out of the game yet.

Stay Tuned



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2013-05-20 19:57:34

Cool, how until this is completed?


2013-05-20 23:54:58

Take your time the rematch has to top the first fight


2013-05-27 18:54:03

I look forward to finally delivering a review based on the animator you are rather than the animator I always thought you could be.

Also, you're a baby bitch coward. Just thought you should know that.



2013-06-03 22:29:40

Wow. A whole week since I slapped you and no activity whatsoever. Way to not check up on your shit, bro.

I half expected to come here and see that I had been deleted and blocked just like our PM's. After all, that's the kind of cowardly, no-balls thing you like to do, right? You're all kinds of tough until it gets turned back on you, huh? Then you're all like "BAAAAWWWWW! RAGERAGERAGE *BLOCK*".

Hey, look... somebody with more integrity than you has called you out on your own page. Better delete and block some more, huh? Oh, wait, even better - rage all over my page afterward so you don't have to worry about seeing a response that might offend you. You can just ignore it and everything's all hunky-dory in smoothieland.

Baby... bitch... coward.


(Updated ) smoothuser responds:

NAME CALLING??? How very ADULT of you. Thank you for embarrassing yourself on my page. I'll pass the word along. Hmm... You gonna shove a controller up your ass now? Did somebody delete your world of warcraft? get the feeling someone is mad bro? Childish maybe? Without a REAL life outside of newgrounds? Perhaps said person has no women either. Perhaps he's sexually frustrated and even jealsou? Hmmmm....intriguing....For such a high and mighty arrogant prick you should know i'm trained to kill lol...but that's beside the point. Your little outburst...vent...or...pussy rant as I like to call it has done all the work for me. Good show lol. Swallow it fag. It aint that serious....poor guy. You're how old again? got issues. How sad. Keep living out your fantasies where you're comfortable. Oh and no i will not block you again. you're already blocked. You will also never get the opportunity to make your little petty comments on my next movie you spaz lol...i'm posting this ERRRYYYYYWHEREEE. Um...grow up kid. You're not Tailbain no matter how hard you try LOL....#LIFELESSLOSER. Go...jackoff or something. P.S....I'VE BEEN CALLED WORSE BY BETTER YOU GIRL LMFAO!! Maybe you should make a flash in the fake reality WHEN I GAVE A FUCK! YOU WONT FIND IT! #CALLED WORSE BY BETTER. Saaaaaaddddd.


2013-06-06 17:20:29


smoothuser responds:

Lol...i believe the proper question in this instance is..."you mad bro?" LMFO!! What a loser he turned out to be. Im too grown for childish shit. It aint that serious. I got more important shit going on. Thanks for sticking around. See how your little role model is a lifeless nerd who takes himself too seriously. Live and learn. Smoothuser I am hahaha. ;-]


2013-06-14 12:41:06

Coward. You got owned btw.

smoothuser responds:

own a cock in your mouth jeff. get a life and stay the fuck off my page you ear faggot FACE


2013-06-15 14:02:01

This is just immature, smoothuser, you're acting like a child.


2013-06-16 13:44:26

Im not encouraging either one of you, but at least you both aren't scared of a little shit talking. Btw this out of the blue rivalry is funny as hell to me, but I just hope it pushes you guys to the next level with your animations. Let the anger motivate you to stride for greatness and dominance.


2013-06-24 16:11:27

Do you both realise how stupid this conflict is? We are trying to build a community of animators some one day people all over can recognize the TRUE talents and MATURE behaviors of the animators. U both are acting like two BITCHES fighting over a man! Build,Uplift and Motivate is the motto. Without Proxide, Alvin ect. Ur Ri665's animation might not have been possible. And without Proxide, R1665 ect. Smoothuser's animations might not have been possible. Aand u know DAMN WELL THAT IM RIGHT! BUILD,UPLIFT.MOTIVATE! Remember that.



2013-06-29 03:50:24

Hello Smoothuser

I just came from R1665 (lol) page when I noticed the conflict going on. While I do know R1665 to kinda say he's high and mighty, I am not quite sure how to take your actions.

Just here to ask a few questions:
Is it true this all started because you weren't invited to something R1665 was invited too?
Is it true that you asked R1665 practically everything you wanted to know about flash?
Is it true you ranted through other people's PM about him being a jerk?

I just want to see your side of the picture


2013-06-29 17:46:46

I have a couple of questions too.

1) What is an "ear faggot FACE" ?

2) "Smoothuser I am.."? When decide did you that going to transform into Yoda you were?

3) When is the next episode of FutureForce coming out, and will it have better writing than the first?

That is all.