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Haters will not be tolerated.

2013-07-17 19:30:29 by smoothuser

While i'm all about free speech, I won't entertain any questions or comments pertaining to the recent crap between me and r1whatshisface. That guy or his shit is not important to me. Sorry, i'm a grown ass man. I finally got some time to sit down and do some animating. When I say there is A LOT of REAL LIFE SHIT going on, I do mean that. Thanks to all who are still here. It is going to take a while to complete this one. Of course the final fight between Jago and Scorpion is the attention getter, I have at least two more fights planned for the series. If the frames permit, i'll try to squeeze another one in. It all looks plain jane right now, but i'll pretty it up in due time. Thanks to those still following me. Much appreciated.

Haters will not be tolerated.


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2013-07-30 19:24:38

I really hope both sides of the party resolve this, I respect both of your work, so I hope something can be worked out.


2013-07-30 19:34:21

Dude, grown ass man don't cry about stuff like this, you're probably not even a grown man, probably just a immature high school douche bag who know nothing of the world. If you can't treat people with respect, then you probably don't respect yourself, either.

smoothuser responds:

Is that what they say about you? It's always easier to cast your personality upon someone else isn't it? LOL also I visited your page lil guy. You know what it said? And i quote " We have yet to see how nextinline29 will contribute to the site." LMAO...uhhh...i could say shut the fuck up and come back when you've done something, but i'm not going to. It would be too embarrassing to you HAHAHA. Just dont post on my page anymore kid HAHAHAHAHA....embarrassing...


2013-07-31 10:27:49

What happened to all the comments, smoothuser? I remember there being at least 3x as many last time I checked.

Wait, wait, don't tell me (*snicker*); you've hypocritically decided that the only one that gets to speak freely is you, and anyone else who does so is a "hater"?

Hold on, I'm not done; To that end, you've begun silencing anyone who dares speak out against you, your work, or your most recent defeat at the hands of "R1-what'shisface" (And let's not kid ourselves, he not only humiliated you for all to see, but ruined your reputation while he was at it).

Wow, and I actually thought you might be a little more mature than your recent behavior led me to believe! Don't worry, I'll be sure to dispense with such ridiculous notions next time.

That said, do you know when the next FutureForce is going to be done, or are you working on other projects right now?

smoothuser responds:

LMAO...such a "smart" guy. I got nothin for ya pal. Who the hell are you anyway? Do you have ANY movies? I mean ANY at all? I don't even know who you ARE? Can somebody tell me why he's posting on my page. Anyway, Go're not worth the insult.


2013-09-03 00:21:39