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Hi's been a while

2013-09-13 02:21:28 by smoothuser

It's official. I'm going back to the military. You guys are going to have to make due with what you got until I have some free time. I refuse to give you anything but my best, so if i'm not feeling creative or whatnot I will not slop things together. I'm also beginning to think I have some ADHD qualities seeing as how I can watch something and get sidetracked on another project relatively quickly...hence the reason why I have multiple projects going on at the same time. Damn I WISH you all could see my late/WAY TOO LARGE FOR NEWGROUNDS HD flash movie. It came out pretty good a looooong time ago's too large for newgrounds. If anyone else has a way to make it visible to the maybe, let me know. I don't really dabble in all that. I will share this link for a fight i've been tinkering with LONG over due and never done right, but this one and this SITE has sparked a few creative ideas. I'm not going to promise you anything. Thanks for those who follow but honestly...this isn't my entire life. It's a hobby. Sorry if I let you down but the reality is when I got some good things to incorporate i'll add them in and post up. If it steers you away from me hey that's fine too. Thanks for watching and supporting. I'll be on every now and then with updates and I got plenty in the works. Thanks for the interest..I really don't know which one will be done first. Too many ideas. Anyway, check out this link. Not a bad "What If" two animated legends collided. I hope it inspires you young animators.


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2013-09-14 23:38:53

Closing with a line to make you seem wise, in spite of your recent behavior? Well, gosh! I guess it's a good thing that nobody saw you make a complete ass of yoursel-- Oh wait, they did.

(Updated ) smoothuser responds:

3 irate posts....and i STILL don't know why I should care lol. Maybe you should type with your free hand that is not all over R1's nut sack yes? WAIT...Don't answer that. You haven't typed ANYTHING that mattered. So if you post on my page again ALL of your nut hugging rant will be deleted and you'l be blocked AND reported. You just...dont entertain me. I dont mind haters but you're a fluffer. You should be embarrassed for letting everyone who reads your sad little posts on my page that your knees are bruised from all that cock sucking you do man.'d think if i'm such an awful guy i wouldn't rate a post from somebody as MIGHTY as your master's jester. WOW. The honor is all mine. QUIT WASTING BITS ASSCLOWN! Find a new hobby. You're apparently good at sucking but you SUCK at this. #stopthemadness. Thanks.


2013-09-15 21:44:42

Also, R1-what'shisface writes:

How nice. Now in case you don't know smoothuser, our recent history, or sprite flash animation in general, I shall un-bullshit this entry for you:

"Civilian life isn't offering me enough opportunity to yell angrily at people I disagree with, so I'm going back to the military. Since I have no capacity for civil disagreement and cannot take responsibility for the things I say and do, I need an environment in which I "just follow orders", thus absolving me of any real intellectual responsibility. You guys are just going to have to make due with what you got until I have some free time to come back and maintain the lowest common denominator. I refuse to give you anything but my best, so long as "my best" is my flash work and not my interaction with you should you have some view or opinion that differs from mine.
I had considered the possibility that I have ADHD, but then I realized that someone with true ADHD would never be able to finish a sprite movie in the first place. What I actually probably have is manic depression with a dash of alcoholism. Once "angry douchebag" becomes a clinically-diagnosed condition, I'll definitely have that, too.
Damn, I WISH you all could see my WAY TOO LARGE FOR NEWGROUNDS HD flash movie. Unfortunately, you can't. It's not because it's not really HD (which I totally just threw in there to make it seem impressive), but rather because I forgot how to use Flash's audio compression settings. Either that, or I hit the 16,000 frame limit and can't figure out how to get past it. I would ask R1-whats-his-face about it, but I kind of attacked him unfairly several months ago and apologizing is for pussies. He showed the other animators what went down between us, so now I'm on all of their shit lists, too. No help there. So, if any of you happen to magically know how I can avoid figuring something out in Flash for myself, please let me know. I don't really dabble in all that.
If I come back here in three weeks and see that nobody is calling me on my douchebaggery anymore, I might share a link for a fight I've been too busy drinking to finish. I'm not going to promise you anything. Mostly because I can't find my lucky animating pants and the last time I saw them was at the bar.

(Updated ) smoothuser responds: are WHO now? You don't really register on my give-a-shit radar. should apologize to me because you sound like R1 has been fucking you like a pussy. Whoops...something for you to work on maybe? Quit wasting LETTERS man!! Yawn.


2013-09-15 21:50:32


Thanks for those who still follow (not so much the fans who left after my recent temper tantrums), and I know that the other 30 or so people who faved me and never actually visit my userpage will be loyal to the end.

Thanks for kinda-sorta almost supporting me. (Please don't ask around...)

...aaaaaanywho, please enjoy this fight that everyone has already seen while I attempt to appear genial and sagelike, you "young animators". Please look up to me. Please?"

smoothuser responds:

Oooh..2 posts now huh? I still don't know why you matter haha. Ummm...have a beer or a good shit or something. You seem a little...whupped. Next.


2013-09-30 23:59:01

dang...soon as i get back i see someone leave.

also is it just me or are you just a magnet for unnecisary(not sure i spelt that right) hate? seriously every time i check your page theres a new retard spewing crap in wich only 1% of what they said is actually relevent.

but yea good luck out there in the military though.


2014-08-02 22:52:07

Who the fuck is R1? And why does it matter? And who gives a shit? Jeezus I check ur page for the first time in 3 years and u get zerg trolled lol :D Gotta check out ur movies, i did quit NG for a while so I got a few to go through :P GL in teh armeh.

smoothuser responds:

You're freakin awesome ^_^