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Entry #51

Thought it's been longer...

2014-09-05 20:57:28 by smoothuser

I'm not dead. Some may wish i was but that's why I live haha. Damn...long time. I look forward to seeing what i've been missing. Thanks for all the insults and support. You guys rock...especially the supporters. I'm speechless...not a bad thing. I'll have something to show you soon. Thanks again.



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2014-09-08 19:51:47

So your back eh, It'll be interesting to see whatever projects you've brought to the table.

smoothuser responds:

I'll do my best


2015-02-05 05:31:54

Welcome back. It'll be interesting to see what you have.


2015-11-04 12:59:44

Dude... I hope youre working on something -_-