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this was simply amazing! I love collaborations. Multiple artists coming together to create one massive work of art! It's very exciting and impressive. You guys did a spectacular job! Gotta love those sentinels!

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That was fun man. Very creative and fun to watch.

WOOOWW AT LAST IT ARRIVES! Those poor Barakas lol. OKAY. REALLY not a bad first movie. The fights I have to say were very creative! I love creativity...things that no one would ever think the character or the outated sprites available could EVER do. Very nice. I like the FINISH HIM touch as well. It wasn't needed but it's always welcomed. I think that was a good bridge from author to viewer because everybody know's what comes after FINISH HIM! On the flip side...my pet peeve is the basics. I'm hard on grammar. It's a sign of intelligence. Get it right each and every time. Check over your work. The fighting only tells half the story at best! The meat and potatoes is your storyline. This is what makes people care why the characters are fighting and if it's tough to read due to distracting errors then there goes your safety net if your fight sucks. The music wasn't bad either. Might wanna find a song for the opening half. Silence won't grab the viewer's attention if its the first thing of the opening act. Also...more basics. The entire flash was super choppy. Take the time to use all the sprites to make the animations flow smoothly. Liu Kang can walk one step at a time but set a tween from point A to point FINISH so he will cruise to his objective while walking. In the fights, don't sacrifice sprites for quickness. If you HAVE TO then know which ones to take out so the move still looks like it is supposed to look. Stances especially. If you're going to use them then loop them properly in the symbol and align them at the feet. It's worth it. Still AWESOME fights, AWESOME creativity, and very original. I am almost inspired to make a Liu Kang flash now...oh wait, he does have his moment in the next MKU...(shameless plug.) Overall not bad. Master the basics above all else. Way to go, way to go, WAY TO GO! VERY NICE!

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