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this was simply amazing! I love collaborations. Multiple artists coming together to create one massive work of art! It's very exciting and impressive. You guys did a spectacular job! Gotta love those sentinels!

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That was fun man. Very creative and fun to watch.

WOOOWW AT LAST IT ARRIVES! Those poor Barakas lol. OKAY. REALLY not a bad first movie. The fights I have to say were very creative! I love creativity...things that no one would ever think the character or the outated sprites available could EVER do. Very nice. I like the FINISH HIM touch as well. It wasn't needed but it's always welcomed. I think that was a good bridge from author to viewer because everybody know's what comes after FINISH HIM! On the flip side...my pet peeve is the basics. I'm hard on grammar. It's a sign of intelligence. Get it right each and every time. Check over your work. The fighting only tells half the story at best! The meat and potatoes is your storyline. This is what makes people care why the characters are fighting and if it's tough to read due to distracting errors then there goes your safety net if your fight sucks. The music wasn't bad either. Might wanna find a song for the opening half. Silence won't grab the viewer's attention if its the first thing of the opening act. Also...more basics. The entire flash was super choppy. Take the time to use all the sprites to make the animations flow smoothly. Liu Kang can walk one step at a time but set a tween from point A to point FINISH so he will cruise to his objective while walking. In the fights, don't sacrifice sprites for quickness. If you HAVE TO then know which ones to take out so the move still looks like it is supposed to look. Stances especially. If you're going to use them then loop them properly in the symbol and align them at the feet. It's worth it. Still AWESOME fights, AWESOME creativity, and very original. I am almost inspired to make a Liu Kang flash now...oh wait, he does have his moment in the next MKU...(shameless plug.) Overall not bad. Master the basics above all else. Way to go, way to go, WAY TO GO! VERY NICE!

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Well done. I have a knack for catching misspellings and to have one in the title and even the second opening line kinda makes me twitch. Nothing big though. There is not much depth to your story. It's good to have a back story but some people on here won't take the time to read it. The want to jump right into the movie. With that said, you should try to incorporate the key points of the back story IN the actual text of the characters. The viewer will have more of an idea what the characters are fighting for or about and it will add to the tension of the fight. The beginning should build the tension of the fight and the fight is the climax. You want people to say "oh man these two are gonna tear each other apart!" It doesn't always work, but that's what I aim for. You do have STYLE. The fight was really good! Fast and furious. Nice use of each of the character's special moves. Your music was a little loud but it was balanced with the sound effects and the voices. Also, good little movie in there as well. I really enjoyed your elaborately animated name introduction. That was pretty cool too. The text ran kind of fast but I kept up. VERY GOOD first time flash man. Honestly, I expected less, but i was pleasantly surprised. I may like yours better than mine at this point. Very Impressive! Congrats! Keep them coming!

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HeartlessKarma responds:

awesome man.
glad you liked it!

IMPRESSIVE! Very nice man. Again, the creativity SHINES! Good fights, good cinematics. Guy and Ibuki are a great team. Yes, I know it came from Street Fighter 4 but way to play it out. A very refreshing extension. Dude, you got the tools, just keep rolling with it. I'm willing to do a co-project. You just might be pissed at my busy schedule. I had a guy and gambit flash vs frieza and cell at one point a loooong time ago but that computer crashed....and boom goes the dynamite. So, you've inspired me also. It's good to see original shit out here. It keeps us entertained and creative. NOT a fan of the hardcore, headbanging, devil music. Other than that, very nice. Keep it coming.


OHH MAN!! I think you may have gotten me my sprite spark back!! AWESOME AWESOME! Creativity on point! Choreography outstanding! VERY creative man! I love the attention to detail with the dust sprites. You did an awesome job of statting out the fighters....meaning of course Bison is going to be the most menacing of the three and Sakura will have to throw it all at him. So much unseen balance and that makes the fight great! You have a knack for the theatricals. You know how to set up a scene. I don't think i've ever been so emotionally drawn into a flash movie ever! You are a true dialog pro. Wow, every single word fit perfectly. Everything made SENSE...which is what most new flash artists tend to forget. Your storytelling is GREAT! I am very glad I took the time to watch this. The action, struggle, drama, emotion, EVERYTHING was there! My ONLY ONLY ONLY complaint.....is the music. Maybe it's personal preference, BUT, the hardcore, screaming, satan music kinda took away from what was happening. The volume was low, but that is my ONLY complaint. I would love to do a co-feature with you. We could write the script together. You got the tools man. Creativity, storytelling, it's all there. I hope you're not a one hit wonder asunder because you can do a LOT with this. Please keep in touch and keep the good stuff coming!


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You scored a real gem with Ce-Rap's artwork. I'm gonna try to break this down Gamepro Magazine style.

Visuials: AWESOME ARTWORK! The dude is a real art general! Every drawing was AMAZING! What a talent!

Voicework: This would be my biggest complaint. Besides "Heart" (attempting not to spoil things here) the rest of the voices were sadly either forced or bland. Charile seemed to have a cadance which he used for all his lines most notebly elongating the last word of his sentences. Bison's voice sounded forced and a bit artificial. I expected a deep, menacing, calculated voice from him, yet his lines were delivered with much poise and reserve...like a human general. We ALL know Bison is much more than that. Stryker could have had a little more energy in his delivery as well. In my opinion, you could have used more than just an accent to distinguish the difference between the two. Besides the accent, they both came out bland. Akuma...didn't say a thing...PERFECT! Tailbain was also rather calm. I understand who he is but there was no emotion in his voice at all. Johnny: Again i understand this is a Cage from a different world but he was a bit nerdy. If he is supposed to be "cold" as Tailbain accuses him of being then lets hear it! Instead, he sounds like Bruce Banner. His deminor was more of a Cyclops than anything. Jill was pretty solid.

Sounds: SOMEONE has been harboring a LOT of MK9, MGS4, and SF4 SOUNDS! You've been a busy little squarrel haven't you? Although, you chose to use the old fashioned super nintendo mortal kombat hit sounds. I'm sure you have your reasons, but they are a bit old. They work though.

Fight Scene: I have to say i've seen you animate better fight scenes. A little overuse of the taser. The best part by far was the Baraka killings....those poor Barakas.

Storyline: Unlike the majority of the newgrounds members, I for one enjoy a great, creative story more than 12 fight scenes. Your story is on par. Your script portrays the intended personalities of each character involved. As I mentioned earlier, it is the duty of the voice cast to deliver those intentions to the audience.

Presentation: You have always been strong in the presentation department. I like feeling as if i'm watching a movie and not a flash "video." The presentation is perfect from beginning to end. Very enjoyable. I also like the little easter eggs you placed in the film such as the Boon/Tobias subway sign being changed to your name and the CE-Rap brand boots. I love easter eggs.

Conclusion: The story is still solid. I think due to the time distance between the two films some of the story may have been lost. With all the hype you put into the fight scene I expected a lot more. You talked bloddy and brutal but it was more like a teaser. Congratulations, you made that awful Stryker look like a badass. Forgive me for doubting your animation powers. The script was excellent. The voice acting could have been delivered a little more solidly, but I am sure putting together voicework is difficult. Visually stunning presentation and I don't know a word that would adequately describe every piece of artwork presented. BEYOND OUTSTANDING!

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R1665 responds:

A very well-thought-out critique. I would expect no less from you, man.


Oh dear.....

New at this? A for Effort.

I feel dumber now...

Just goes to show you what crap newgrounds allows people to put on here. You can delete my review if you want. It still adds to my voting power =)


I like witty. I think if i'ts gonna be funny it has to be witty. That was funny man. I literally laughed out loud.

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