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Nice creativity. Excellent sounds. Choreography still very creative but i still got that underwater feeling every now and then. I REALLY liked the TV part. That was awesome. A good 7 stars from me.

I'm Wow'd!

I'm actually gonna favorite this one. I am very much liking the story and your stages are always awesome. I'm really involved with your storyline and cast of characters. Great use of the characters' special moves. Really good dialogue. Good delivery. The "deep sea" fighting flow got a lot better too. They had some speed to them. Don't forget, if you get too close you'll pixelate. What I mean is if you get too close on the close ups it won't look good anymore. Very nice! 8 Stars

Another good presentation.

You really got me involved with your storyline. Dialog is a bit of trouble for me. Again, your sounds are very good now. I'm diggin your creativity. Angel and Chun-Li are my favorite females in terms of thorough animations with character and personality. The music, although it was midi, went with the stages. The stages with the music gave it that old school punch em up feel. They were done well and set the stage for some really good fighting action. BUT again, I feel as if i'm watching it happen in an aquarium. Why do they move so tiredly? Other than that, it was much more enjoyable....but i'll never forget your first. "SHING!" Bleh. Nicely done.

MUCH more better.

I see you got the updated resources. Your sounds are true to life great. I like the signature music and as always you're FULL of creativity. It was a little slow paced though. Most of the time it was like watching an underwater fight. Find a way to speed the movements up. Fill in those long winded gaps with shorter ones if that makes any sence. I liked it. Makes me want to watch your other ones. I think I will. 7 Stars.

Not bad. Not best.

Your sounds are horrrrrible! Get on google, search for MUGEN download it! Then search for mugen characters and download them too! THEN search FIGHTER FACTORY, download it, and watch how much better your flashes get.
Okay that needed to be said. I like the creativity, crossovers, and the locations. You really need mugen and fighter factory to bring all of this to a whole nother level. YES I put NOTHER. Like I said, your creativity and even the dialog are good. Your animations and sounds are basic because you don't have the up to date resources. Download those FREEEEEE programs and get with it buddy. Hope to see more. I'll watch your others too.

Crazy indeed!

You're right, it is crazy haha. I didn't expect any of it. Pretty enjoyable.

You should have been doing Goku vs Vegta all along

You really have a knack for DBZ style fights. Sonic and Shadow fit perfectly. You're really creative. I'm going to take a few pointers from you. Awesome flash man.

Niiiiicely Done!

Seven months huh? I'm always impressed by everything you produce. Even your earlier works. Great fight. Fast and furious. The other fighters kinda threw me off. I didn't know who was on who's side. I was expecting some tag team matches but i'm sure that would have been a pain in the ass to produce. I kinda feel the fight was a little short too. I didn't feel the passion in this one like I did in the last one. Your voice actors are TERRIFIC! Your sound is sharp and crisp. VERY nice. As always your custom backgrounds and transitions floor me. I don't know how you get your animations so smooth. We must not be using the same programs. Anyway, as I said, i've waited with much anticipation for this and it did not disappoint. I do feel something was missing though. I was more drawn to the previous one. I wish you could cough these episodes out faster! I don't like cliffhangers haha. Keep em comin back for more. Outstanding job! Many kudos. Much congrats.

Funny movie. What flash program is this?

What flash program is this?


You definitely have a knack for this stuff. The storyline is awesome and alluring. The original artwork took it to a new dimension. It brought me closer into the story. Kudos to your artist. 6 months is a lot of dedication. I REEEALLY wanted to see Gambit and Talbain go at it right there but rest assured i'll be back. Perfect cliffhanger. Nice tease showing Gambit dispose or Remy. I didn't see that setup coming. I hope you answer my email so I can get started. I'd definitely be asking your insight on things. I wish there were more stars to give because i'd give them to you haha. Lookin forward to the next installment. Again, AWESOME FANTASTIC job bro.

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