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You weren't serious were you?

Some kind of a joke right? You should have never written an intro like that. I know it was just a joke to piss people off and to see how many bad ratings you could get. Haha, mission accomplished.

Fantastic ending

Kinda got a little too DBZish for me with the fusion but it was so cleverly written and beautifully done! I am very impressed! The voice acting was spot on and your effects were once again beautiful. Everything made since. I like how you made use of the rings too. Do more! Why don't you just get some DBZ characters and make a good flash with them! I'm sure you could. SIMPLY AWESOME!

Another good showing.

It got a little cheesy when knuckles was healing tails. I guess he's the Piccolo...still lovin it tho.

Simple but effective.

A big time DBZ ripoff starring Sonic as Goku, Tails as Krillin, Shadow as Vegeta and Nazo as Raditz maybe? Either way, I'm a big time DBZ fan anyway so I don't mind seeing it reincarnated with Sonic characters. By the way, the characters look awesome! Are those hand drawn? I'll probably favorite this one and your other parts as well. I'm liking it. No complaints really. You have a knack for this stuff. My first 10!

Very cool

I like the story and where you're taking it. I don't mind the small sprites but the thing I hate the most about them are the close ups. Your effects are shiny and nice. I still don't know how people do that. Anyway, other than the mini sprite close ups I have no other beefs. When you get in close it just looks like a bundle of rocks ya know? I couldn't even make out whatever that was laying on the ground at the end. Everything else is good to me.

Ha ha ha for real.

I laughed. I liked it. It was sorta classy haha.

Shadowii2 responds:

Haha, thanks.

Got that "DBZ" feel.

It feels like DBZ. I'm still gonna harp on you about the low brow sprites. The think i like most are the shiny REAL looking effects and the music. If you DO have fighter factory now then I don't know why you haven't started animating with better sprites. Your choice though. I like your choice of music. The music really sets the mood for what's going on but i'm still ikcked about he poor sprites. Good story, music, and effects. Let's see it with some high quality sprites. Nicely done.

On the right track

Not bad again. Get some better sprites because pixelated close ups are a killer. Sounds are good and your effects look wonderful. I wasn't too into the dialogue this time but you still can work with what you got. I STRONGLY recommend you download MUGEN and FIGHTER FACTORY. Not only will it get a better rating from me but YOU will be much more pleased with the results. Check out my page and my favorites. Then you'll see the true power of these resources.

Tactical0125 responds:

I already use MUGEN and Fighter Factory, that is where some of my effects came from.

Good not great.

I think this was a good idea too. I have a script for this very topic. Good music and concept. You need some better sprites tho. Download MUGEN and FIGHTER FACTORY then go nuts. the fighting is on par with the show but with the right resources you can do way better. I'd love to see that. I'm still going to watch your part 2 though.

Tactical0125 responds:

I know, I even tried to switch sprites for the last episode but my fans didn't like the sprite change. They said that it was better with these sprites I started with so in order to keep my fan base happy I stuck with these...oh well.

Very Cool

Nice ending to a great series. It had good action, dialogue and humor. Way to go.

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